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TuneCore vs CD Baby

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Why TuneCore


Zero Commission

TuneCore will never take a percentage of your earnings.


Wider Reach

TuneCore distributes to over 150 digital stores and streaming services.


Facebook Monetization

Monetize your music on Facebook and make more money than with CD Baby.


Artist Support

Our best-in-class customer care team has helped independent musicians for over 12 years.

Music Distribution

TuneCore CD Baby

Album Setup Fee*


$29 (USD)

Single Setup Fee*


$9.95 (USD)

Artist Payout






*Setup fees only apply to the first year of distribution. See pricing page for more details.


"I remember trying to figure out how to put out my music when I was only in high school and finding TuneCore back then. As an independent artist, It's so important to understand the business of music and to be self-empowered, and this is a place to find that!"

Nikhita Gandhi

"One service I love that TuneCore provides is their Fan Reviews. Getting an unbiased perspective on your music is a crucial part of the process of creating for me and having that be part of their platform keeps everything in one place and makes it a much easier release process."

Ramya Pothuri

"Small towns and big dreams are often at odds. I come from Amravati, one such small town in Maharashtra. My aspiration is to take my art and the culture of my native town to the whole world through music. TuneCore has been helping artists achieve this with their distribution service, always taking music to a larger audience."



TuneCore vs. CD Baby: Who pays artists more?
TuneCore takes 0% commission, which means you keep 100% of the revenue you earn from digital streaming and downloads. CD Baby, however, takes a 9% commission on artists’ revenue.

TuneCore vs. CD Baby: Who gets my music into more online stores?
TuneCore delivers your music to 150+ digital music stores and streaming platforms worldwide. On top of services like Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music, TuneCore has partnered with key platforms globally to help independent artists increase their reach and build fanbases.

TuneCore vs. CD Baby: Who is providing more artist services?
TuneCore’s suite of Artist Services help artists build their careers, whether it’s getting reviews of new releases from real music fans, cover song licensing, or professional mastering. TuneCore’s Facebook Music (Instagram and Facebook monetization) service is free to opt-in to.

TuneCore vs. CD Baby: Who helps me earn more money on YouTube?
Unlike some competitors, with TuneCore, ₹499 gets you unlimited song registration for YouTube Sound Recording revenue collection with a 20% commission. CD Baby takes 30% commission on all revenue you earn on YouTube.