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TuneCore Partners with Hi-Res Audio Platform Qobuz

June 2, 2021

Note: TuneCore will only deliver high-resolution tracks to Qobuz.  That means that your file must be 16-bit, 44 kHz. Because you’ve chosen to utilize TuneCore’s Store Automator, we’ll only deliver your existing releases to Qobuz if they meet this requirement.

High-resolution audio may seem like a niche interest, but in fact its popularity has steadily been on the rise as music fans adapt and evolve with the digital music landscape. While TuneCore has always strived to distribute independent artists’ music to popular platforms all over the world, we know that some music fans have a distinct ear for lossless, high quality audio and prefer songs in certain file formats. That’s why today we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Qobuz.

In 2007, Qobuz (pronounced ‘KO-buzz’) entered the digital music market in Europe, offering audiophiles both streaming and downloads of their favorite releases in hi-res. As an interest in hi-res and building out the perfect stereo system spread, Qobuz became the preferred digital provider of music for many of these fans. Just recently, the platform has expanded to the U.S., and we’re excited to help TuneCore Artists deliver their music there.

With a sleek app that features streaming and a download store, Qobuz has also begun delivering quality editorial content for users. Subscribers can breeze through written components for records new and old, genre commentary, and artist spotlights as they listen to their favorite tracks. Qobuz users also have the option of choosing which audio file format they want to listen to.

While high resolution audio has often been associated with genres like jazz and classical, TuneCore Artists and producers who obsess over the quality of their tracks now have the opportunity to make an appeal to a wider base of audiophiles by distributing their music to Qobuz. When you send your releases to Qobuz, you’ll make your songs available to a brand new potential fan base.

If you’re a TuneCore Artist and you want to send your releases to Qobuz, head to your Store Manager today.

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