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Amazon Music For Artists: Customize Your Profile & Engage Fans

December 3, 2020

Amazon Music continues to be an undeniable force in the world of music streaming and downloading. Just as the e-commerce giant did for books, home goods, clothes – and, well just about everything else – Amazon has established itself as a source of new music for its ever-expanding, global user base. With 55 million customers, each week fans of all genres flock to the platform to find new music from their favorite artists and discover their next favorite artists.

As one of the leaders in the streaming market, Amazon is stepping up its offering to independent musicians with Amazon Music For Artists, a mobile app-based portal that allows artists to claim, customize and glean more vital information from their profiles on Amazon Music. 

If you’re a TuneCore Artist who has active releases on Amazon Music, you’re in luck: Amazon Music For Artists is offering you quick verification so you can claim your profile instantly. 

Simply click here to get started or download Amazon Music For Artists on iOS or Android.

At TuneCore, we know how important it is to be in control of every aspect of your career: we not only help you get your music into digital stores around the world, but also provide you with pivotal data and sales reporting that can help you guide business decisions around your releases. With Amazon Music For Artists, we’re excited to invite you to dive in even deeper.

Once you claim your Amazon Music For Artists profile, you’ll be able to view global streaming stats at the album and track levels in near real-time; track how engaged listeners are with your music on Alexa; monitor fan growth, get detailed data on playlists and stations; and gain more insight as to where in the world your music is being listened to.

More specifically, Amazon Music for Artists includes:

  • New success metrics, including the Daily Voice Index, which illustrates how an artist’s music is performing on Amazon Music with Alexa – including insights into voice requests by artist, album, song, and lyric.
  • Access to near-real-time streaming data, providing artists with the latest streaming data across their entire catalog.
  • A fan insights tab, which provides a breakdown of an artist’s most engaged listeners –Fans and Superfans – so they can focus on growing these segments over time.
  • A custom date filter, so artists can choose specific dates, or length of time to track performance in near-real-time, including the last 24 hours of a release.
  • Ability to update your artist image.
  • Authentication with Twitch to bring your livestreams into the Amazon Music app.

We’re excited to unveil this new feature of our partnership with Amazon and encourage TuneCore Artists to claim their profiles today. Artists and their teams can learn more from their artist website:

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