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Get Your Songs on Triller

November 23, 2020

TuneCore has had a busy year when it comes to bringing artists new opportunities to be heard around the world. We opened new doors in India and Italy when we partnered with Hungama Music and TIMMUSIC, respectively, and artists began sending their songs to the two most popular social media channels in Russia (OK and VK) thanks to our partnership with BOOM. 

At a time when artists are confined to their homes just like their fans, it’s been a priority of ours to ensure that we’re offering more avenues to be heard and, in some cases, seen. That’s why TuneCore is excited to announce our new partnership with the wildly popular social app, Triller.

Triller has over 250 million downloads – recently winning the title of #1 app in the world across categories – and has caught the eye of major stars across music, movies and sports. A video-based social app, Triller lets users shoot, upload and edit videos (up to 60 seconds) to share with the world. Music plays a major role in the app’s popularity, as users are given access to a library of songs to soundtrack their videos with. Now TuneCore Artists can get in on the fun: when you send your music to Triller, you’ll make your songs available to the millions of users uploading content everyday.

Triller boasts over 100 video filters and some fantastic editing options to create fun, eye-grabbing video content that relies on music to drive the impact home for viewers. TuneCore Artists will now have the opportunity to encourage their fans to use their songs in videos without fear of being flagged/removed. Additionally, Triller’s Apple Music integration allows video views to count toward artist streams.

As Triller continues to grow in popularity, and more fans and high profile creators flock to the app to see what’s trending, there’s never been a better time to make your music available there. If you’re a TuneCore Artist and would like to send your distributed releases to Triller, head over to your Store Manager today. (Note: if you’ve already sent your music to Triller’s distribution partner, 7Digital, your releases have already been sent!)

If you’re ready to start distributing to Triller, Spotify, Apple Music, and over 100 other digital platforms, sign up for free!

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