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TuneCore Partners With Zed+ – Expand Your Reach in Russia

August 20, 2020

Here at TuneCore, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of where your music can be heard and discovered – literally and figuratively. As music markets across the world expand and streaming is continually adopted at higher rates, we’re establishing partnerships with platforms that give indie artists the power to reach new audiences.

Today we’re excited to announce that TuneCore has partnered with Zed+, a leading music service in Russia that connects telecom users outside of the traditional digital markets in the country. While TuneCore already helps independent artists distribute their music to Russian platforms like Yandex and Zvooq, our partnership with Zed+ expands artists’ reach into the country overall.

Streaming revenue rates in Russia continue to increase, with 2020 predicted to see an 8% year over year growth.

Zed+ offers more than just exposure to telecom users. The streaming platform gives subscribers access to curated playlists, special artist highlights, and an in-app social networking feature that allows them to share music with friends. This bodes well for independent artists of all genres as they continue to increase their footprint in Russia.

If you’re a TuneCore Artist and you want to send your releases to Zed+ today, just head over to your Store Manager to get started. 

If you haven’t gotten started with TuneCore yet but you’re ready to release and distribute new music to the world, get started by signing up for free!

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