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New Store Alert – Reach Music Fans Across Russia With BOOM

August 4, 2020

TuneCore is excited to announce its partnership with UMA to begin distributing artists’ music to BOOM, one of the most popular music streaming apps in Russia.

Aside from boasting subscribers in the millions, BOOM helps power music features across two leading social media networks: and While those may not be household names to some of us, they’re in fact Russia’s largest native social channels. When artists distribute their music to BOOM, users on those social platforms will be able to easily share your songs with their friends. Both VK and OK offer a robust music-centric features for users to enjoy, driving high engagement and allowing independent artists to create strong promotional platforms.

VKontakte (VK) is Russia’s largest social network, with 83% of the country’s social media users as active on it. VK users can directly post music files (via BOOM) and is considered a top YouTube-competitor within Russia. It also features an English interface and benefits from a younger demographic overall.

OdnoKlassniki (OK) follows right behind as Russia’s second-largest social media network, with 55% of the country’s social media users active on it. With similar music-sharing and engagement potential, OK’s user demographic steers slightly less young and was designed to reconnect friends and past schoolmates.

Overall, now is a great time to have your music being made available across Russia. 2019 saw an eight million-user jump on streaming services, with much of this being attributed to the soaring popularity of the two social networks mentioned above. BOOM also gives artists the opportunity to be discovered via playlists and within the platform’s algorithm.

As independent artists continue to utilize worldwide distribution options and incorporate new territories into their marketing mix, BOOM is just another piece of the puzzle. Distribute to BOOM and give yourself the chance to promote your music to a new audience in a growing music market.

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