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Set the Clocks With Spotify's Timed Release Feature

May 20, 2020

When you’re getting ready to release a new single or album, we all know there’s a ton of things to consider: Which stores and streaming platforms will you be distributing to? What kind of pre-release press campaign are you going to run? What kind of content on social media are you going to share to get fans excited? And that’s just the beginning.

But one thing artists tend to overlook when it comes to distributing new music: time zones.

That’s right – those ‘things’ that vary all across the globe that everyone who listens to your music lives in. They’re actually pretty important, when you think about it: if your release goes live in Spotify at 12:00am Eastern Standard Time in the United States, for example, at what time are your fans in Spain seeing it go live? What about Japan?

Luckily for you, when you distribute to Spotify with TuneCore, you can choose the times that your next release goes live in each time zone!

How It Works

When you’re uploading your next single or album using TuneCore, you’ll have the option to select the exact time your release goes live in Spotify.

From there, you’ll be able to select whether or not you want that time to be the same ‘go-live time’ for each time zone you distribute to, or simply set your main time zone and ensure that all territories have your release live at the exact same time.

Previously, your Spotify releases would simply go live across all time zones at the same time, meaning some people would be seeing it live at 12:00am, others at 6:00am, others at 9:00am, and so on. Our new Timed Release feature gives artists the opportunity to synchronize their release times across the board, meaning that 12:00am go-live time will apply to every country within every continent you distribute to.

With this cool feature, you’re also able to start thinking about how you want to market the Spotify release of your next project. Perhaps you want to make a major announcement about exactly when your release drops across all countries on social media? Or maybe you have a blog or media outlet premiering your next single – now there will be no need to tease fans who might be waiting on it.

Our partnership with Spotify has allowed us to offer this ‘Timed Release’ feature to TuneCore Artists. It’s another step in giving artists the power to control their releases and promotional plans.

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